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Welcome to our Photo + Video Site. During our sessions we take a lot of pictures of our students and staff for our posters, brochures and website but we can never use them all.... so this is a great place to show everyone all the images that we have taken.

We also take video of our camps, clinics and lessons. Most never gets published. This is a chance for us to now show our compilations and extra footage to our students and families.

Feel free to scroll down and browse our galleries. Pictures are grouped by camp name, clinic name or year.

About us - McGuire Goaltending + Hockey Development is a goaltender training school based in Toronto, Canada that is focused on the development of our students both on and off the ice.

Our vision is to continue developing Goaltenders + Positional Players of all ages and levels.

We are a full service year round hockey training school that strives to meet the individual needs of all of our students and their families. Whether it is on-ice training, off-ice training, sports injury diagnosis / treatment or even advice about where your child should play and how to get them there, we are able to help.

Canlan Ice Sports at York University, Toronto, Canada is our year round home for Private Lessons, Camps + Clinics.

P: 416.661.2828

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VIDEO - Choose Success

Slide Show - Best Pictures Over The Years